sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Maya at the Lago 2011 in North Carolina (April 14-17)

This month of April Maya at the Lago will have guest such as Dr. George Stuart, Dr. Kent Reilly, Dr. Nomand Hammond,  Dr. Patricia McAnany, Dr. Bill Ringle and Dr. Marc Zender hope you can attend and enjoy the Mayan evening. The curios thing is that the "lago" word is in spanish and means lake, and the name is a mixture between english and spanish and means Maya at the lake.


The Mayanist.

American Foreign Academic Research and Davidson Day School welcomes you to historic Davidson, North Carolina for the first, annual Maya at the Lago Conference. The Maya at the Lago Conference (M@L) is a four-day "Everything Maya" event, including lectures, workshops and social gatherings. The M@L provides a venue for many of the world's top Maya archaeologists to share their experiences and current research with colleagues and the general public. Regardless of your experience, Maya at the Lago has an offering that will be right up your sleeve.


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