miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

1 Year for the long count cicle beginning / 1 Año para el comienzo del cíclo de cuenta larga

Today is a year away the long count calendar cycle beginning, and we are honoured to be part of that simple and special day, meaningful for those great Mayan time calculators and their cosmogony, but Also to our modern Maya people that keep their roots and traditions and colourful existence till these days!

I decided to write also to wish you all a happy beginning of this upcoming year 2012, to tell that the world will not end (as many of us has constantly said), and to be just careful of propaganda, books, magazines, and things that make you think things that aren´t really happening,
unfortunately many people has lost the path in not true Maya facts, making wealth of false products and theories that the Mayan never even mentioned.

The benefits for this will be for turism in some Mayan places, hope this goes as well for the Mayans cause governments take advantage of them through the 2012 topic but most of the time they don´t receive the help they really need, hard to say but true, and this will be a nice opportunity to really help strongly to Maya communities.

I encourage you all to approach the Mayan world with honesty and study, to visit Maya communities and Archaeological sites, to learn a local language, epigraphy or one of the studies you like the most and to Help the Maya world through responsible acts spreading the word with the people close to you.

We will keep sharing and working so you have a guide to hold through the effort of many universities, museums, professors and scholars, foundations between others, that has been working hard to make The Maya world grow intentionally with projects and helping communities.

Also I wish to you one Fabulous time with your loved ones in this upcoming 2012 , enjoy this wonderful year to come in calm, study and peace.

All the best to everyone, and thanks to be part of this.


The Mayanist.


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