martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Maya Field Workshops 2011 in Tikal Guatemala

As in previous workshops in Palenque, Copán and Yucatán, participants will have direct hands-on learning and training in the art, archaeology and epigraphy of the Maya, led by well-known archaeologist and epigrapher Dr. David Stuart of the University of Texas at Austin.

Tikal is among the largest and most important of all ancient Maya cities, with a rich history and culture now made accessible through deciphered texts and elaborate monumental art.

We’re looking forward to another fun and educational week in the field. Mornings will be spent on-site or in museums, exploring the ruins in context and in detail. Lectures and workshops come each afternoon.

Maya Field Workshop

The Art and History of Tikal

December 10 -17, 2011

This Maya Field Workshop will be an intensive, hands-on learning experience focusing on the art, history and archaeology of Tikal. Through daily on-site studies, seminars and workshops, participants can expect to learn the basics of reading Maya hieroglyphic script and develop an understanding of the complexities of iconography. These tools will allow all to delve into many details of Maya history and culture.


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