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Calendarios Mayas, Matemáticas y la locura del 2012, Julio 19-21 2010 / Maya Calendars, Mathematics and the 2012 craze JULY 19-21, 2010


Part 1: The Maya Calendar and 2012
In-depth instruction about how the Maya calendar works, including an honest discussion concerning what we still don't understand about its ancient origins. The second half of Part I will cover the 2012 craze and seperate fact from fiction about what might happen.

Part 2: Ancient Maya Astronomy
The foundations of Maya archaeoastronomy - what we know and how we know it - and then the amazing new astronomical discoveries we have made during our most recent field research.

Part 3: Maya Sacred Geometry
Christopher Powell presenting his fascinating, never before published evidence of the hidden geometric code underlying ancient Maya art and architecture.

Come learn what was truly amazing about ancient Maya civilization from scholars who have studied its mysteries for over two decades.

Presented by Archaeologists
Edwin Barnhart and Christopher Powell

Daily Hours: 9-4pm with an hour break for lunch

Cost: $300

Every seminar participant receives:
- A bound copy of the seminar's workbook
- The 2010 Mayan Calendar: A full color wall calendar providing the Maya date for every day of the year

2010 Chautauqua Short Courses
Sponsored by
Center for Science and Mathematics Education
The University of Texas at Austin
James P. Barufaldi, Ph.D., Director
Center for Science and Mathematics Education
E-mail: jamesb@mail.utexas.edu
Additional information contact
Gail Seale, Coordinator
Phone: 512-232-6202


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