martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Maya – Hidden Worlds Revealed: Field Trip Planning Workshop

Join Museum educators to learn about our newest temporary exhibition and begin planning a field trip to Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed. Preview the exhibition and learn about related Museum resources, including the Tales of the Maya Skies Planetarium show that will support your curriculum goals.
In Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed, students will explore the achievements of this ancient civilization and learn how science and archaeology can help us build our understanding of the past. Immerse yourself in the daily life and culture of the ancient Maya, and discover how science and engineering informed advances in mathematics, astronomy, agriculture, and even the creation of one of the first written languages!

In addition, after the workshop, all participants are invited to participate in the Museum's annual Archaeology Fair to explore related resources for the classroom from multiple institutions. Our staff will also provide an overview of the Educator Resource Center services and programs, emphasizing support for teachers as learners.

Registration is limited to Teacher Partners and is required at least one week in advance. Free parking is available for this workshop.

Museum of Science, 617-723-2500; tickets: $29 adults, $27 seniors, $25 children age 3-11 (price includes ticket to the general exhibit halls that can be used within six months).  

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Pictures:  Treleven Photography / Museum of Science


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