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Recommended Book: Art of MesoAmerica: From Olmec to Aztec

For all those people interested in Mesoamerican Art, is recommended this book by Mary Ellen Miller,  where we can enjoy of some early classic and late classic Mayan Art.

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The Mayanist


An evocative survey of the art and architecture of ancient Mesoamerica, this book investigates the artistic achievements of the high Precolumbian civilizations--Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Aztec--as well as their less known contemporaries. Professor Miller takes us from the brightly colored paintings that dazzled Cortez and his men in 1519, to the mercurial rites of kingship that included warfare and blood sacrifice. A comprehensive guide to the history of the region, drawn on the research of explorers and archaeologists alike, the book is a perfect introduction for the student or traveler. 190 illus., 20 in color. 

"Notable for the number and quality of its illustrations...a complimentary approach." --Booklist
"An essential guide to the art and the architecture of ancient Central America." --Colonial Latin American Historical Review

 Table of Contents

Chronological table                                                                                 6
Preface                                                                                                              7
Introduction                                                                                                9 
The Olmecs                                                                                                  17 
The Late Formative                                                                               38
Teotihuacan                                                                                               67
Classic Monte Alban, Veracruz and Cotzumalhuapa    83
The Early Classic Maya                                                                      103
The Late Classic Maya                                                                        123 
Mesoamerica after the fall of Classic cities                          162
The Aztecs                                                                                                   197
Select bibliography                                                                               231 
List of illustrations                                                                               235
Index                                                                                                              238


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