domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Lecture: The Cool Dark Face of Intrigue: Mayan Use of Caves and Rock Art at Nueve Cerros

 Foto: Skeleton Death God, from the Metropolitan Vase source:

The Cool Dark Face of Intrigue:  Mayan Use of Caves and Rock Art at Nueve Cerros
Greg Schwab, MS, Archaeology, St. Cloud State U; 2008 recipient of the Dennis Puleston Award for Excellence in Mesoamerican Studies

Gregory Schwab will discuss the Mayan use of caves for the creation of rock art. Past research has demonstrated that the Maya revered caves and used them exclusively for the practice of ritual. Decipherments of Mayan hieroglyphs have added to a body of evidence that has come to understand caves as the original temples, built naturally from the landscape and mimicked by the monumental temple architecture of Mayan civic centers. Schwab’s research addresses Mayan rock art discovered within several caves of the karst ridge system adjacent to Salinas de los Nueve Cerros (Saltplain of the Nine Hills).  In addition to some possible symbolic meanings of the art, he will discuss the most likely practical purpose of Mayan rock art, asking, “What human behavior can be drawn from the analysis of this painted and carved tradition?”. 

Friday, February 15, 2013, 
 7:30 pm, 100E Giddens Learning Center, Hamline. Members, students free; visitors $5.



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