jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

10th Tulane Maya Symposium and Workshop

10th Annual Tulane Maya Symposium

The Snake Kingdom of the Classic Maya

The Middle American Research Institute, the Center for Inter-American Policy and Research, and Far Horizons are proud to present the Tenth Annual Tulane Maya Symposium and Workshop. This year’s symposium, titled “KAANAL: The Snake Kingdom of the Classic Maya”, will explore one of the largest ancient Maya political entities - the kingdom of Dzibanche and Calakmul.

Recent archaeological and epigraphic research in Quintana Roo, Campeche, and the Peten have outlined the development of a political behemoth during the Classic period that extended its influence from Honduras to Chiapas to the northern Yucatan. Ruled by a long-lived dynasty--called Kaan--from first Dzibanche and then Calakmul, this kingdom grew at its apex in the mid-7th century. This symposium will explore the rise, rule, and fall of Kaan kings, posing the important question: was the Kaan kingdom a unique experiment in Maya political integration?

 Hope you can join this symposium / workshop in Tulane and be part of the amazing Maya culture around the world.


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Here is the program and workshops for all interested:


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